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Ethical School Uniform

Identity takes its social, ethical and environmental responsibilities seriously in terms of how we trade and who we trade with. We expect the same focus on business practice as well as quality and customer service from our suppliers. Every supplier must be able to demonstrate evidence of:

  • Compliance with UK Bribery Act
  • Upholding an ethical and moral code of conduct
  • Zero tolerance of child labour or slavery
  • Managing their supply chains in a responsible and environmentally sustainable manner

Anti Bribery & Anti—Corruption

It is our policy to conduct all of our business in an honest and ethical manner. We are committed to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships. We operate in the UK and are bound by The UK Bribery Act 2010, in respect of our conduct here. We will only contract with suppliers who demonstrate a similar honest and ethical approach to business and take steps to counter bribery and corruption in all jurisdictions in which they operate.

Anti Modern Day Slavery

No person should work under conditions of slavery or forced compulsory labour.

School Style sources products from a variety of suppliers who in turn have their own disparate supply chains across the world. We recognise the challenges they face but will only trade with suppliers who share our views on acceptable labour conditions and who are committed to measures that prohibit and eliminate modern day slavery and child and forced labour of any type.

Responsible Supply Chains

In terms of products we aim to provide choice and value to customers. In many cases the products that we supply are specified by other parties such as schools and colleges and while we will undertake that business on their behalf we will advise that organisation of any concerns that we may have regarding any particular brand or product and how it fits with our views on corprorate responsibility. Below we make it clear the ethical stance taken by the brands that we sell in order to offer that choice.


Banner is an industry leader and complies with the highest standards of ethical trading. The company is a Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) member and encourages all its suppliers also to become members and the ensure that are compliant with all local standards and laws of their country. The company refuses to have any dealings with any company or individual that requires to make or receive any form of inducement in order to secure a commercial transaction and will terminate any ongoing relationships if evidence is found to demonstrate this. In addition teh company audits its ethical trading standards firstly through its local agents who supply quality control facilities and who are entrusted to ensure that our high expectations of factory facilities are maintained. Secondly, directors and senior management of our business make regular visits to our suppliers worldwide during the year. Banner has entered into Supply Agreements with all its suppliers, which includes their agreement to be bound by the Banner Code of Practice.

Banner Environmental and Ethical Statement

One + all

One + all is certified B-Corp business striving of the best business practices across the globe. The company believes that it is important to adopt a transparent and ethical approach to business and their pledge includes the following:

  • Care about the products and services that offered to customers and a comprehensive customer care programme.
  • Using only the best branded fibres and fabrics for product manufacture.
  • Choosing partners who are morally sound and share One + all’s ethical values.
  • Only use factories which are fully compliant with all health, safety and child/labour regulations.
  • We believe that we should contribute to the future of the textile community and as such we will participate in those forums which we judge will benefit its development.

Russell Europe

Russell Europe own the Jerzees Schoolgear brand. Russell Europe complies with Oeko-Tex and WRAP continually working to become one of the first major clothing companies to have its factories fully accredited for the new Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production standard. By ensuring its compliance with stringent ethical standards such as Oeko-tex and WRAP Russell is able to give customers confidence that practices like child labour, unfair work conditions and environmental pollution are not used in the production of any of their garments.

Russell Europe Environmental and Ethical Statement

Fruit of the Loom

FOTL strives to implement and enforce the highest environmental and ethical standards through its global operations. The company has its own detailed Code of Conduct which is integral to its business. The Code of Conduct is based on current best practice with regard to employment, health and safety and the environment. FOTL requires that all workers receive salaries that are at or above the local minimum wage and are highly competitive. The minimum age for employees at FOTL plants is 18 years and refuses to work with any factories that employ under age workers or forced labour. All FOTL products have had Oeko-Tex 100 approval since 1998, certifying that they contain no substances that may be harmful to humans or the environment.

Fruit of the Loom Environmental and Ethical Statement


Requires all authorised garments bearing its name to be manufactured under conditions which adhere to strict standards on working hours and good working conditions including factory temperature. Result requires all suppliers to employ based on equal opportunity and non racist policies. Does not permit the employment of workers under the minimum age established by local law or below the compulsory school going age. Actively encourages all suppliers to pursue correct environmental practices including the recycling of waste materials and the re-circulation of waste heat generated in the dyeing process.

Result Clothing Environmental and Ethical Statement


Beechfield Brands is firmly committed to maintaining industry leading quality standards with innovative and dependable products. Beechfield define and grow brands through rigorous application of quality standards and principles, to provide customers with consistently excellent service and value. These standards cover all aspects of the supply chain, from suppliers through to distribution. As part of this process they respect and understand the local laws in the respect of wages, health and safety, child labour and human rights. Field based staff carry out full audits to ensure that the factories they use are compliant with the applicable local standards. Suppliers undergo strict assessment, covering ethical policy, through ability to meet the product quality and service standards required by Beechfield Brands. Beechfield have established partnerships with a dedicated manufacturing base, thus ensuring consistency of quality and supply. Every product is labelled to allow full traceability throughout the supply chain.


Livingstone International will only do business with vendors and suppliers that share the company’s adherence to high legal, ethical and moral standards. All suppliers, vendors and other business partners are expected to comply with Livingstone International Operating Principles and to assure compliance in all contracting, subcontracting or other relationships. For Example will only do business with vendors and suppliers who:

  • provide reasonable wages and benefits that equal or exceed the prevailing local industry standard.
  • comply with the prevailing local work hours and do not exceed them, except for appropriately compensated overtime.
  • share the company’s commitment to the community and to the environment.

They must conform to all legal requirements regarding environmental codes and guidelines. Further, Livingstone will seek business partners who demonstrate a commitment to progressive environmental practices and to preserving the earth’s resources.

Will not knowingly do business with vendors and suppliers that use involuntary, indentured or forced labour, including prison labour that is not on a voluntary basis. All products supplied must conform to all European Union Environmental legislation generated in the dyeing process.

Over these 20 years our reputation has grown, as have our premises, and we now provide embroidery services to some of the UK’s leading brand names


Just to name a few as well as local schools and sports associations. We are committed to operate under our original ethos, “small enough to care, big enough to cope” approach, which ensures that quality is still at the forefront of our business.

We can embroider an exceptional range of items and the skills of our workforce are key to the success of the business. They have the knowledge and experience required to deliver consistently high quality embroidery, to reflect our customers’ brands and organisations.

Identity Continues to Grow

To meet the increasing demands Identity has expanded several times over the past 20 years converting rooms into workshop areas specific to their roles so it wasn’t long before businesses and organisations wanted larger quantities of embroidered school uniforms, workwear and sportswear etc

We are able to offer a vast range of garments that can be embroidered, these garments can be seen in our online shop. Simply select the category you require to see that particular range. We continuously add to our range so that we can offer you the widest choice from well known brands, including many UK brands.

Embroidery and Printed

We offer not only the finest embroidery that goes through a strict quality control before it reaches you our customer but we also offer a printing service where we print directly onto your item or garments.

Remember our friendly staff have been servicing the UK for 20 years now and they are happy to assist you in your choice and selection that best suits your needs.