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Branding with Embroidery

Identity was established to provide a quality embroidery service to address the shortage of skilled embroiders in the UK. The market for promotional merchandise and branded workwear was growing, yet the poor level of embroidery on many of these items did not reflect the quality attainable


Printing Services

Identity has invested heavily in ensuring that we can provide top quality print services to compliment the already well established embroidery service we started out with. The service remains the same, the standards are still exceptional and our attitude to customers remains the same, whatever service you require we will provide it at the highest standards.


Logo Services

We provide embroidery and value added services to our clients throughout the UK. We can create brands and designs on a range of items, regardless of shape or size, working with our customers to ensure your name or logo is translated into an embroidered or printed design that will achieve excellent results.

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It’s all about our customers

Our Products

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Identity are always trying to improve our service, systems and overall experience.

We’re not a company to sit back and wait for change, we react to it. That’s why if you come to us we’ll not only offer you exceptional service, we will also offer our own recommendations based on years of experience in our industry.

If an item you want won’t suit the purpose we won’t just let you order it, we want you to be happy so we’ll tell you and offer a solution, if your logo or design won’t look right, we’ll tell you and offer to make changes to make everything you order look and feel just right for you.

It’s all about our customers

Identity is always trying to improve our service, systems and overall experience. We’re not a company to sit back and wait for change, we react…

Our ordering process

Identity are always looking to improve customer’s experiences and we’re not the usual online garment ordering and logo service. Identity genuinely care and we want…

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At Identity we take the climate and environmental concerns seriously and we are committed to upholding environmental standards within our business. We will reduce, reuse and recycle.

We will commit to and encourage the reduction of our community’s carbon footprint.

We will give back, in every way we can, to our people and to our planet.